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Enjoy Syracuse Basketball If You're A Small Child And/Or In Love

This guy wants to meet your children, via <a href=""></a>
This guy wants to meet your children, via

Let's be clear that those are two separate things. If you are in love WITH a small child, why don't you have a seat right over here...

By being either in love OR being a small child, you might have earned the right to watch some basketball in the Dome for free.

We begin with the younglings. Have some? Are one? Syracuse is inviting anyone who buys an adult general admission ticket to bring as many children as they can possibly fit in a monster truck with them to the Women's Seton Hall game tomorrow.

The Dome defines "youth" as 12 and under, so don't think that just because you're 19 you're gonna pull off some kind of tricker with your 21-year-old friend. A full-price ticket for one of these games is a mere $10 so I think you can cough it up.

The SU Women's team wil be available after the game for "authographs," according to the SU Athletics site. I assume that means they'll be penning a novel and signing it for every person that wants one. That or it's a typo and they meant autographs. I'd kinda like to read Kayla Alexander's murder-mystery set in 19th century London's seedy underbelly, but, I'll take either  I suppose...

Even if you don't have a youth at your disposal, go anyway to watch the No. 23 Orange rough up the 7-8 Pirates.

If Men's Basketball is more your thing, perhaps you want to take a chance on love this year. wants you to upload your Valentine's Day-themed video to their site. In return, they'll select one winning videographer to win a pair of courtside seats to the Syracuse-West Virginia basketball game on Valentine's Day, plus VIP access to the Courtside Club during the first half, a Carrier Dome parking pass, and a $150 gift certificate to Gentile's Restaurant.

Make sure you follow the instructions, read the agreements and understand that I will be keeping my eye on the submissions to see if I want to post them here as well. Not to mock, but to share the love... Obviously.

(Also, can I assume that Gentile's is pronounced "genteel" and not "gen-tial?" If it's the latter, I guess that cuts off a large swatch of the Syracuse fanbase from eating there...)

(Update: It's pronounced "jen-tilly's," so that's good)

H/T: Chuck