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Georgetown vs. Syracuse Ticket Fiasco-Fest 2011

Yesterday I posted the news about Georgetown's shady business for the Syracuse game in DC and their lack of available tickets for non-GU folks. You were unamused, to say the least.

You were also very motivated. A lot of folks got to work figuring out how go about circumventing the system. Let's get up to speed.

First of all, retroactive credit is due to SJ who actually noted the issue last week. I should probably start reading what you lunatics write. Also let's give the Otto's Army blog due credit for their hard work on the matter.

We need to do this FOX News-style and be fair and balanced. I received a stern email from Hoya fan Larry who wanted to correct the erroneous facts in the original post. Correct away!

As your paper accurately noted in passing no "individual" tickets on public sale for this game. But anyone can purchase tickets. Just need to buy a mini plan.  Your ticket office, of course, has the standard Big East allotment to sell or distribute for this game.  From our end, the Hoop Club Board and the Ticket Office decided to leverage this game the same way as the Duke game last year.  It is working.  Please feel free to direct anyone to me who would like to attend this game. No GU Alum or fan can purchase individual tickets either -- need to buy a mini plan. I would be more than happy to provide the opportunity for local Orange fans to attend this game.  They simply would need to buy a mini-plan (or be placed on the "waiting list").  I personally arranged for a dozen or more such sales last year. Local Duke fans -- unlike "Cuse robots -- were civilized hoops fans and without complaint purchased mini plans.  They were this treated not only to watching the Hoyas trash the Blue Devils -- but to trash Villanova and 4 other opponents as well.  Here is the web site to purchase the weekend mini-plan:
First, I take offense at being referred to as a "paper." How 1998.

Second, I'm still not quite sure why it's so acceptable to force visiting fans to buy mini-plans. We don't give a crap about watching Georgetown play South Florida or Seton Hall or whoever else. What sicko wants to watch that, let alone spend money on it?

I assure you, you are doing us no favors by offering us a "mini-plan." It's a shady gimmick to drive away opposing fans from attending the games or milk them for more money than they should have to pay, plain and simple. Dress it up however you like, won't change that fact.

(Not saying Syracuse is above this, just saying Syracuse sure ain't doing it for the Georgetown game, cause, well, we ain't scurred of losing home-court advantage in our building)

Not to mention the fact that this is all well and good but, apparently, there are no tickets left for the game. If you've already done the $25 donor tricker, good on you. If not, you're either going to have to wait until Syracuse unlocks its tickets or start hitting the scalper sites up.

Here's some good news if you ended up buying one of the packages but don't know what to do with those extra tix. The DC Alumni Group has some particularly-strong relationships with the other local Big East alumni groups and would be happy to work with you on making an exchange. Make it known below if you're interested.

And remember, just in case you can't get into the Verizon Center, it doesn't mean you can't hang out outside and celebrate after the game.