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Another Hat Thrown In The Ring For Ishaq Williams

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IshaqFatherHatGate has come and gone. Now all we can do it sit back and wait for Williams to make his choice on Saturday.


Rumors fly that Ishaq has postponed his announcement and will visit Miami before making his decision. Williams had been scheduled to commit this weekend during the All-America Bowl festivities in San Antonio. It had looked like it was been between Syracuse and Notre Dame. The arrival of aggressive Al Golden may have changed the game for Ishaq. Reportedly, Ishaq grew up watching Hurricanes games and has always felt a connection to the dominant defensive lineage the Canes have produced.

Damn you, Aggresive Al Golden!!!

This comes on the heels of Orange Fizz letting us know that someone close to Ishaq says that Syracuse looks good, which of course doesn't mean much until the line that's dotted has a signature on it.

For now, we can do nothing but wait it out. It doesn't SOUND like good news for the Orange but then again who the hell knows what he's thinking. It's all guesswork until he officially announces. And so we wait...

Then again if Shaun Williams is wearing a Miami hat on Saturday...get scurred.