The hell that awaits you if you give money to Gtown

So basically if you give money to Gtown, they give you a horribly bad youtube video. I think the goal is to create something so awful, that you immediately forget you just wasted 25 dollars on such a horrible place so you can buy Cuse tickets, and focus at their awful their video production. Its like a mix of Jim the Hammer Shapiro and a AL-Qaeda video.

So I am reaching out to our board that someone can come up with a better thank you video from us to Gtown (mainly looking at you HoyaSuxa). We should thank them for having a pathetic and fickle fanbase. We can thank their students for being more concerned about making illegal drugs than cheering on their Bball team. Most importantly we should thank them for choking at the most oppertune times, like the first round of the NCAA tourney. For letting us continually run them out of their own arena.

Watch if you dare: