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Georgetown Scared Of Syracuse Fans, Not Selling Tickets To SU Game

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On February 9th, Georgetown will come to the Carrier Dome to play Syracuse in a game of basketball. If you'd like to attend that game, you are more than welcome to. Feel free to head on over to or Ticketmaster and buy some tickets right now. Enjoy.

On February 26th, Syracuse will head to the Verizon Center to play Georgetown in a game of basketball. If you'd like to attend that game, you can go screw yourself. Why? Cause Georgetown is refusing the sell individual tickets to non-Georgetown students and alumni.

The reason? Well, Georgetown won't say it but it's because they don't want Syracuse fans to take over their building.

Tickets are on sale for all home games except the February 26 game vs. Syracuse.  Any allotment of tickets to 2/26 vs. Syracuse will be made available in December.  To add your group to the group ticket wait list vs. Syracuse, please contact Jawed Yusufi.

NO MR. YUSUFI, we will not. We want answers.

The blog Otto's Army is on the ground in DC and was hoping to purchase some tickets to the SU-GU game, an annuals custom for hundreds of SU alums in the Washington area. They've reached out to the SU Alumni group in DC to find out more about these shenanigans and uncovered more of the dubious plot.

We have been in contact with Verizon Center Group Sales as late as this morning (1/4/2011). They are as upset as we are that individual and group ticket sales have been delayed by Georgetown (they make money off the group sale to us). They indicated to our Club representative that when tickets are released that we will be the only group that will get tickets, and those tickets will be ready the day they are released. They just don’t know when that will be.  

But they believe there will be tickets released since they don’t feel the building is as close to a sell-out as has been rumored. More proof of this is that Georgetown is waiting until January 18 to offer students tickets to the Syracuse game, with a limit of 4/student. That means there are literally thousands of tickets still not sold if they can guarantee 4/student. 

In a way it's flattering. Georgetown fears us so much they have to literally shut us out of the building for fear that we'll influence the entire game.

On the other hand, it's bullroar. Let us in so we may boo thee!

Worst case scenario, Otto's Army points out that road game tickets will be available through SU Athletics three weeks beforehand. That's if the donors don't snatch them up first.

Georgetown University: Scared Of Syracuse Fans Since 1897

H/T: Jen

Update: Scott I. was able to circumvent the Georgetown blockade but it requires some serious soul-searching to accomplish...

We did it successfully late last night.  It involves selling your soul to the devil (in the form of a $25 donation to G-Town... sick to my stomach) ... credit to Ryan Fisher who is unstoppable in these situations

Here's the deal... go to this page and make a $25 donation. Then go to this page and buy your tickets.

It will be the same price as ticketmaster anyway if you buy in bulk.. I bought for 6. The tickets are will call only.