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Rich Rodriguez: Bad For Michigan, Great For Syracuse

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And so, the Rich Rodriguez Business has shuttered its doors in Ann Arbor. Fare the well, RichRod. Who knows, maybe we'll see you again soon enough.

It's odd, considering how mean he was to Syracuse during his time at West Virginia (6-1), but RichRod was actually a huge help to the Orange program during his Michigan tenure. I mean...

He leaves West Virginia in a hurry, forcing them to quickly promote Bill "Greg Robinson II" Stewart as head man, ensuring that Syracuse would beat the Mountaineers sooner than later.

Once he gets to Michigan, he immediately hires an up-and-coming Stanford defensive coordinator named Scott Shafer.

After a tumultuous first season, he lets Shafer take the fall for his poor performance and fires him...

Which allows Doug Marrone to hire Shafer to be Syracuse's DC.

Rodriguez replaces Shafer with embattled former Syracuse coach Greg Robinson, ensuring that Orange fans will have the pleasure of watching Greggers destroy some other program from the comfort of their own homes.

Meanwhile Shafer remakes the Orange defense in his image, quickly turns it into one of the hardest-hitting and toughest defenses in the Big East and is a HUGE reason SU returned to a bowl game in 2010.

So...THANK YOU RICHROD. You did wonders for Syracuse during your time at Michigan. We're not sure why but we appreciate it all the same.