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The Great Ishaq Williams Parental Hat War Is Upon Us

As far as we can tell, Brooklyn DE Ishaq Wiliams is the most prized recruit Syracuse has been after in the Doug Marrone Era. The 6'6", 230-lb player is the kind that could make an immediate impact for the Orange.

Nabbing Ishaq would be a huge signal to the rest of the nation that the Orange not only control New York State (He's the No. 1 recruit in NY) but are also back to competing for four- and five-star talent. Not to mention that it means we will have earned Williams' commitment over such highly-regarded institutions as Penn State and Notre Dame.

Long story short, he's a big deal. And don't think for a second he doesn't know. And as a highly-touted recruit, he also represents something that Syracuse fans haven't been privy to in recent years...

Douchey Recruiting Mindgames.

And so, yesterday many folks wondered if Ishaq was tipping is cap (ahem) when his father, Shaun, was seen wearing a Notre Dame hat. Such small indiscretions are the kind of land-shaking moments in the world of college recruiting that a lot of Orange fans took that as a sign that the end was nigh.

BUT LO AND YONDER...what's this? Orange Fizz had some eyes on Williams and his Dad today and spotted...wait...wait a God, that's...THAT'S...THAT'S A SYRACUSE HAT!!!


via Nick B.

And so, here we are. Grown adults desperately awaiting the news of what headwear will race Shaun Williams' noggin tomorrow and allowed whatever it may be to influence the emotional balance of our day. America, F**k yeah.

Williams will make his announcement Saturday at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. With the kin of hatty antics we've seen so far, who knows what kind of roller coaster ride we're in for then. Expect to see Ishaq wearing multiple layers of coats, shirts and hats as he removes each one to reveal his find choice.