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The Scoop & Kris Show: Fabulous Hat Edition

Lost in the shuffle of Pinstripe Bowl Week was the latest edition of The Scoop & Kris Show. Let us waste not a moment longer and dig in...

Lessons learned:

1. Stop asking Kris about hockey. He'll be nice about it but...enough.

2. Scoop seems to be going through some stuff. Wondering if this was filmed after one of his tougher games. Chin up, Scoop!

3, Scoop's favorite players growing up were Carmelo Anthony and Gerry McNamara. We are old (assuming you're in your 30's too).

4. Kris Joseph was about to say "I'm gonna go a little old school" before saying he liked watching John Wallace. We are old.

5. From 5:24 on, Scoop is officially on another planet. At least until he got to talk about his 3.3 GPA.

6. Stan Kissel, the guy behind the guys.

7. I love the fact that Kris hasn't read Scoop's ESPN blog. You and me both, Kris.

8. Scoop excited to go to Pitt and play in the Zoo. Love the moxie but careful what you wish for...

9. "Everywhere we go we bring a following...we're like the Dallas Cowboys." Scoop. BAD Analogy.  BAD!

10. 9:50 point, Scoop, stop playing with your ball.