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Syracuse Daily Links - Scoop Jardine's Style

Jardine adjusts style of play | The Juice Online
When asked to describe his style of play, Jardine just shrugged. "You guys are supposed to come up with that stuff, I mean you are the writers," Jardine said. "You guys watch me enough."

Army Practice: East Day One
Shaun Williams, the father of Ishaq Williams was once again sporting a Notre Dame hat. I told him he looked good in the green and gold and he just looked at me with a big huge smile.

Three Idiots on Sports: Randy's Dream World
But then came today's tremendous press conference where Randy, his new AD, and his wife all alluded to the fact that the Maryland job is his "dream job." Maryland football? Dream job? Really?

A Bronx Tale - Cuse Country
"I think that’s Don McPherson!" I looked. It was. "Holy crap that’s Don McPherson!"

Big East Coaching Carousel Means Big Things For Syracuse Recruiting : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
This is all great news for the Orange. It means after a bowl victory, Syracuse’s recent recruiting flaws are beginning to be erased, and the scales are certainly tipping in their favor. The big fish right now is standout defensive player Ishaq Williams, who will make his decision this weekend. For the first time in what feels like forever, the Orange is selling its program from a position of strength.

Wrapping Up the Pinstripe Bowl, And Adrian Hilburn's Excessive Celebration Penalty - Bring On The Cats
K-State decided to forgo a field-goal attempt of their own and ran the worst fake field goal in the history of fake field goals before Carson Coffman threw an impressive touchdown pass to Adrian Hilburn with only 1:13 remaining. Hilburn saluted the crowd, and of course the rest is history.

LINKS: Former WMU football coaches on the move |
I'm sure Shafer wishes he stayed with Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, where he went from WMU. He might be headed Michigan under better circumstances now had he done so. That said, Syracuse is a good place (I spent a little bit of time there in college, dating a really cool Syracuse girl). There are worse places to live and coach.

Big East Basketball Power Rankings Week 8 - The UConn Blog
Our top five teams stayed the same, though Syracuse and Villanova were both able to jump up a spot (with the Orange grabbing a share of first-place). Notre Dame's knocking on the door though after an impressive win over Georgetown. Notre Dame is knocking on the door though, and has a great chance to bust on through with a win over UConn tonight.