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Paul Pasqualoni: UConn Football Coach?

With the Pitt and UConn vacancies currently taking up space in your Twitterfeed, there's bound to be some fun theories out there. Among those theories are the ones that imply somewhat-implausible-yet-utterly-delicious scenarios for Big East fans.

The first is the idea that Rich Rodriguez, cut loose by Michigan because they want to hire Stanford's Jim Harbaugh, would end up back in the Big East as Pitt's head man. Pitt, you may remember, does a yearly dance with West Virginia called the Backyard Brawl. Oh and West Virginia is where RichRod used to coach and whom he spurned for the UM job. They don't miss him much.

The other is the idea that Paul Pasqualoni could end up coaching the UConn Huskies. Syracuse fans may be familiar with some of Paul's past work.

Both are likely pipe dreams but it's nice to dream all the same. Imagine what both hires would do for the rivalries between the schools involved. The Backyard Brawl would move to DEFCON 1 while Syracuse-UConn would become P For Pendetta.

So why is Coach P's name coming up? He's from Cheshire, Conn., went to Southern Connecticut State for undergrad, got his start coaching at Western Connecticut and recruited very heavily in the state while at Syracuse.

Then again, given P's age, lack of recent college experience and the fact that he might not actually be interested in returning to college at all, this is almost certainly a moot point. I'd be shocked if Pasqualoni is anything more than a name being put up for conjecture.

Still, it's fun to imagine. Think of that first game in the Dome. What kind of reaction would Pasqualoni get? What happens when Coach P runs into DOC Gross at Big East Media Day?  Oh the possibilities...