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Syracuse vs. UConn: Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Dark Of Night...

Syracuse will look to end its four-game losing streak on Wednesday when the Orange travel to Hartford to play UConn in the XL Center. That is, if they can make it...

A ton of snow and bad weather is expected over the next couple days, leading some to wonder if SU will be able to make it. That would be a big bummer for the Huskies. This isn't just a basketball game for them, it's a bigtime multi-sport extravaganza.

Syracuse and UConn are supposed to play a men's basketball game Wednesday night at 7 at the XL Center in Hartford. It's also National Signing Day and the Huskies plan to have a pregame social hour with football coach Paul Pasqualoni in the Exhibition Hall.

"The only reason we'd cancel it is if basketball is not on," said UConn associate director of athletics Mike Enright. "Because it's in the XL Center, the plan is to get people at the basketball game to see the football event. We wouldn't cancel the football event if the basketball game is on."

Expect the game to be played, barring some crazy weather anomaly. Neither team can push the game back too far anyway, they both have road games on Saturday.

Plus, nothing excites people more than the combination of Coach P and the term "social hour."