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Syracuse Drops To No. 17 In Both Polls. Fair Enough.

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With two losses last week, and four in a row, the Orange continued their free-fall down the rankings this week.

In the AP, the Orange net out at No. 17, their lowest spot of the season. That's an 8-spot tumble from last week.

Your "Greatest Guy in the World/Lunatic" of the week has to be Roger Clarkson of the Athens Banner-Herald. Clarkson puts the Orange at No. 7, one spot ahead of Villanova. Either Clarkson submitted this poll a week ago and decided to roll the dice or he just wasn't watching a lot of basketball this week. Either way, we appreciate it.

Your "Hatey Hate Hater of the Week" is a split between the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Elton Alexander and our favorite San Jose Mercury News writer Jon Wilner, both of whom dropped the Orange from the rankings altogether.

Notable notables include Dick Weiss (17), Jeff Goodman (18), Dick Vitale (21) and Seth Davis (21). 

Other Big East squads in the AP Poll include No. 4 Pitt, No. 6 UConn, No. 9 Notre Dame, No. 11 Villanova, No. 13 Georgetown, No. 15 Louisville and No. 25 West Virginia.

In the Coaches Poll, the Orange are also staring down a No. 17 ranking. They're joined by Big East teams No. 4 Pitt, No. 7 UConn, No. 8 Notre Dame, No. 12 Villanova, No. 13 Louisville and No. 14 Georgetown.

In the RPI Rankings, the Orange took a big tumble down to No. 21 overall. Meanwhile Sagarin has the Orange at No. 14.