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Real Orange Heroes: The SU Women's Tennis Team

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Sometimes we lose track of what's important in life. We get focused on the minutia and lose sight of the picture. Seeing forests for trees and whatnot.

We've been focused on this whole Georgetown ticket kerfuffle for so long we've forgotten the basic tenets that life as we know is predicated upon.

Georgetown is evil, Syracuse is good and DePaul is just kinda there.

Doesn't matter if we're talking about basketball games in DC, basketball games in Syracuse or even if it involved basketball games at all.

For instance, the basic tenets also apply to,

The Syracuse Women's Tennis team defeated Georgetown 5-2 on Sunday in their Big East opener. That in an of itself is a great accomplishment. But to merely mention that would be to sell them short.

Sunday's victory meant the extension of a winning streak against the Hoyas that stretches back 30 years. THIRTY. YEARS.

Never let it be said that these ladies aren't pulling their weight around here. Especially fine work done by Emily Harman, Eva Raszkiewicz and Simone Kalhorn for their straight-set singles wins.

The Orange are well on their way to repeating last year's dominating conference performance last season, in which they compiled a 7-0 record.

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