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The Passive-Aggressive, Back-Handed Complimenting Of Syracuse Basketball Begins

Some people know it's the New Year because of a feeling in the air.  Some know it for the festivities, others for the resolutions.

Syracuse fans know they've rung in the New Year when college basketball pundits begin making excuses for why Syracuse is one of the best teams in the nation.

It just wouldn't be a successful SU hoops season if Jeff Goodman, Gary Parrish and their ilk weren't making sure you understood that Syracuse probably doesn't deserve to be where they're at right now, but good for them for tricking everyone into thinking they're pretty good.

We begin with Parrish, who's post following the Notre Dame win isn't terrible in and of itself. Still, if the point of the article was to say that Syracuse is good, he sure spends a lot of time pointing out all of the reasons Syracuse probably isn't all that good.

Then there's Goodman, who's always a good man for some Syracuse disdain. Jeff posted his AP Poll for this week and he's got the double-whammy going. He puts San Diego State, they who recently defeated Occidental and only beat IUPUI by two points, ahead of the Orange at No. 4. He then pulls out that old chestnut that Syracuse fans have come to love and enjoy, "The Orange still haven’t played a game outside of New York or New Jersey." Thanks Jeff, wasn't aware.

Don't forget Ken Pomeroy's already handed the Big East over to Pitt. So much for playing the games.

Syracuse is undefeated, in the top five and no one wants to give them any credit for any of it. Yep, it's the New Year.