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Coach Q, Syracuse Women's Basketball Under Investigation For Sexual Harassment Complaint

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So, uh, yikes on this one. (via

The Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights is looking into a Title IX sexual harassment complaint made against Syracuse University's women's basketball program.

Lynnae Lampkins, a junior who no longer plays for Syracuse, accuses coach Quentin Hillsman of inappropriate texting and touching. "I left the team because I couldn't be around him," Lampkins said Thursday. "He would slap butts and chest bump, and I was very uncomfortable with that."

This all actually stems from last summer when the allegations were originally made. Syracuse University launched their own investigation and found no basis for the allegations.

"These allegations were made to the university last summer and we utilized outside counsel to conduct a full investigation," Kevin C. Quinn, Syracuse senior vice president for public affairs, said by e-mail. "The investigation found that there was no substance to the allegations and no basis for action to be taken against coach Hillsman. The university, chancellor, and athletic director have full confidence in coach Hillsman and stand behind him."

As for Coach Q himself, he strongly denies any wrongdoing.

"These allegations are untrue and hurtful to me and my family," Hillsman said in a statement released by the school. "I have great respect for my players, my coaches, and Syracuse University. I will not allow this to distract me or our team."

So now the Office for Civil Rights will conduct an investigation to determine if the allegations happened and if Syracuse acted in the best interest of the student. As to how long that process takes, no word.

Lampkins was a good contributor last year for the Orange and played in 20 games as a freshman. She had a great debut for SU, one in which Hillsman said "Lynnae Lampkins makes us a better team."