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Syracuse Fans Probably Want To Listen To The Radio Today

Turn off your Pandora for a second and put down your Zune. You've got some radio to listen to today.


When life gives you lemons, get Jim Boeheim really angry and have him call in to a live radio program.

You can listen live on 1260AM in the Syracuse are or if you're like me, listen online here.

Even Axe has no idea what the issue is, though smart money is that it has something to do with the Dion Waiters rumors circulating right now. I'm sure Jimmy wants to put those to bed ASAP, especially if they're false. Giddy the F up.

Then, once you're done with that, drive on over to North Country so you can listen to me on Matt Mc's Sports Fix on WNER 1410AM at 5:40 pm EST. If you're out of the area you can't listen live but Matt will post the podcast on the site shortly thereafter.

Update (2:35pm EST): Boeheim seems cordial. Bummer.

Update (2:37pm EST): Boeheim talking about the last three games. Talking about how Hazell was just ridiculous and the Orange shooters missed 20 (!) layups.

Update (2:38pm EST): Ah, Boeheim is upset with anyone saying this team "quit" or that they "lacked effort." He felt as though his players gave effort but just played a bad game.

Update (2:40pm EST): "I'm pretty happy with the shots we got." Jim says he was discouraged and doesn't like having players take things into their own hands but appreciates that Kris Joseph tried.

Update (2:43pm EST): "I thought we gave an effort. I always think that when we're behind or struggling we have to do more." - Jim clarifying his press conference comments about the effort he saw. He does not feel as though the team quit.

Update (2:45pm EST): "The day a Syracuse team quits is the day I quit."

Update (2:48pm EST): Uh-oh. When asked about Dion Waiters rumors, Jimmy deflects, saying that when there is news about a player, the University will make an official announcement.

Update (2:54pm EST): Unfortunately, Boeheim's non-answer made the Dion rumormill worse. He may just be saying that any player-related announcement would come from the university, meaning there is no news, but what he said was easily taken the other way too (i.e. - deflection). So basically...I'm not sure what to think.

Boeheim also swears Dion never said "F**off" and that he didn't hear it. Weird, since multiple folks in press row, in the crowd and on TV all heard it. Just sayin'...

Update (3:00pm EST): Line of the day: "If a guy is hot standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, he may think he can jump in the water to cool down. Sure he cools down, but he’s also dead.”