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Ritchy Desir Brings His Rich Desire To Syracuse

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Based on that headline alone, I'll take that copy editor job any time you want to offer it, New York Daily News.

Syracuse picked up a verbal commitment Wednesday from North Miami Beach High School QB/CB Ritchy Desir. Yet another South Florida player to come north...always a good sign.

The 5-11, 175-pound player was a four-year starter at North Miami Beach for coach Jeff Bertani.

Desir, who was recruited by SU as a cornerback and kick returner, chose the Orange over offers from West Virginia, Texas Tech, Kansas, Western Mighigan and Florida International.

We are single-handidly destroying the hopes and dreams of Western Michigan football today. Nice to beat out some of those other schools as well...

Scout gives Desir two-stars, Rivals gives him three stars and ESPN gives him a score of 45, whatever that means. The Miami Herald named him the 14th-best recruit in Miami-Dade county. He also recently played in the Miami Dolphins Dade vs. Broward All-Star Football Game.

Finding stats on this guy is next to impossible so let's just assume he threw for 5,000 yards, 90 TDs and had 47 interceptions all returned for TDs on defense. Yes? Yes.

Apropos of nothing, an anagram for Ritchy Desir is Itchy Riders. Mount up... Here's some footage of Desir. Not highlights but it's something...