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Syracuse vs. Seton Hall: Fear The Dome And It's Windy Corridors

Twenty-five games. Four wins.

That's how Seton Hall knows the Carrier Dome. Aside from from a three-game stretch between '98 - '99 (which I was there for - screw you Rimas Kaukenas), Syracuse has not lost often at home to the Pirates. The last time it happened? 2006.

Our trick? Bone-crushing door wind.

"They have you go through these doors," Walker recalled yesterday, "where if one door is open and you open the other door, it’ll crush your bones or something. The airlock doors ... That’s how they get you first. Then you come into the arena, and the depth of it is so magnified because it’s such an open space — you’re not used to playing in something like that — and that’s when they get you."

And of course, there's the optical illusions...

"It seems a little overwhelming," said [Former Pirate Adrian] Griffin, an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks, who was 0-3 at Syracuse. "All I can remember is orange everywhere. And since the rim is orange, you really couldn’t tell when something started and when something stopped. It’s crazy."

We're such tricksters!