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Syracuse vs. Seton Hall: Pirated Copy

I know the term "losing streak" is a touchy subject right now amongst Cuse Nation but it is what it is. We've lost two in a row. And now we must end this little streak before it becomes something much worse. A three-game losing streak.

We can solve this issue easily by winning tonight when Seton Hall comes-a-calling in the Dome. There will be no chances to break attendance records. No one will be sleeping in the Dome hallways (except for Bernie Fine who does so the night before every game). And there will be no national broadcast.

This one is just about taking care of, dare I say it...unfinished business.

I've never been so happy to see Jeremy Hazell in action but after being shot in late December while recovering from a broken bone, the fact that Hazell has recovered and is back on the court is worth celebrating.

A little more than two weeks after that fateful Sunday morning, Hazell was running again. Only this time, he was with his teammates during Seton Hall's game at DePaul. Seventeen days after getting shot in the side, Hazell scored 23 points in a Pirates win against the Blue Demons, snapping a three-game losing streak in the process. And with that performance, Hazell achieved the most improbable of returns. The senior made a speedy recovery from the broken bone in his wrist — only six weeks — despite dealing with the gunshot wound as well.

We'll see how I feel about him once the game is over. If anyone has the ability to pull a Maalik Wayns, it's him. Remember, Syracuse only won its first meeting with the Pirates by five. Had Hazell been playing, a six-point swing seems very possible.

The Hall also put on one of the worst shooting half performances in the history of basketball with an 0-for-17 start. Syracuse shot 30% and got beat on the glass, keeping the Pirates in the game. One has to wonder how this game could play out if the Orange do that again while the Pirates actually hit their shots.

For Syracuse, this game is all about getting back on track. If there's no shame in losing two games to top-ten teams, there is certainly a lot of it in losing to an 8-12 one. And the players know this.

"It’s real important,’’ SU senior Rick Jackson said of tonight’s game. "We lost two in a row. We haven’t done that in a couple years. We have to bounce back and it starts with defense for us. We’re going to score points. But sometimes we have breakdowns on defense and that kills us.’’

(Actually Rick, you lost two in a row last season to Louisville & Georgetown, but your point is noted).

The Hall haven't won in the Dome since 2006 and SU holds a 45-15 edge in the series all-time. No reason to reverse those trends now. As we saw in Pittsburgh last night, the Big East is a monster that devours its own on any given night. Just because the Hall is down its no reason to take them lightly. I'm sure our boys won't.

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