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Marshall Street Flooded: Dozens Of Crappy T-Shirts Unaccounted For

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Oh the humanity... A water pipe break in Marshall Street's J. Michael Shoes has flooded the basement and may have affected other business as well.

The break is in front of J. Michael Shoes. The basement of that business was under 8 feet of water at 9:20 a.m., Deputy Fire Chief Stephen Cavuto said. Firefighters had run hoses into the cellar and water was gushing from them as he spoke.

A representative of the building housing the neighboring Acropolis restaurant had not arrived and the condition of its basement was unknown, Cavuto said.

The Syracuse Fire Department seems to have things moving in the right direction. Thank God, just think of the disasters that could be ahead if we lose Marshall Street the day before a game.

How will Long Rangers be able to purchase their Long Ranger t-shirts at Manny's, thereby letting everyone know that they are indeed a Long Ranger?

How will Shirt World ever sell those crappy, faded Syracuse sweatshirts from 1985 hanging on their front doors? And what will the guy who stands outside antagonizing everyone do with himself?

What will Syracuse students do now that they wouldn't be able to stand around the Starbucks baristas, staring at these underpaid workers as they rushed the 35 drink orders in front of them much to the chagrin of the impatient onlookers?

What will Villanova fans do with themselves if they can't do the requisite slow-walk up Marshall Street while condescendingly thinking to themselves that their version is better?

What will Acropolis do with all the leftover pizza? (Actually, we know the answer already, they'll just put it under a hot lamp and serve it tomorrow...)

The world as we know it might never be the same...