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Delone Carter Ready To Get His Shrine On

This Saturday is the East-West Shrine Game in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. Delone Carter, Ryan Bartholomew and Doug Hogue will be suiting up for the East a they attempt to defeat the evil, evil West.

It's also a great opportunity for them to showcase themselves to NFL scouts. So far, Delone seems to have been having a pretty good week.

CBS Sports:

Delone Carter (Syracuse) has the 5-9, 220-pound frame more similar to what most teams prefer, and picks his way through traffic well. He also caught the ball well out of the backfield. His play this week continued his draft stock momentum off a Pinstripe Bowl MVP performance.

National Football Post:

Syracuse RB Delone Carter also was an impressive-looking kid. He was solidly put together in the upper body, had a stronger-looking lower half and packed a lot of mass into his 5-9 frame. He looks fit, strong and poised to have a very good week.


One of the concerns about Syracuse RB Delone Carter after the first practice was his ability to catch the ball. He did not have a good day yesterday doing that. Today, he's off to a much better start. He's doing a better job of catching the ball with his hands. He double-clutched one pass and had to slow down on another to secure the ball, but he has yet to drop a ball today. So he's making progress in that area. It's always good to see players able to adjust and improve from day-to-day.

And Twitter is full of positive reactions to DC3 so far...

  • Delone Carter, Syracuse RB tons of quickness, agility, and quick burst - receiver, and help as a returner too
  • Syracuse RB Delone Carter runs hot, works hard, every rep seems extremely important to him, 1 of the many reasons I like him
  • East RBs Delone Carter and Graig Cooper both look to be in great shape and showing good burst and hands

Word on the street is that Delone has also signed an agent, Michael McGarvey of Enter-Sports Management. Among their clients are fellow Orange Mike Williams and Taj Smith.

Not too much word on the other two Orange in the game. Hogue received some kudos for his coverage skills while Ryan Bartholomew was described as "disappointing."