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Syracuse vs. Villanova: It Goes Without Saying, You Will Wear Orange

FYI, the Villanova game is a big deal and you have no excuse for not wearing orange, as usual.

You already know about the Long Ranger promotion. If you're sitting in one of those "long range" seats, you can but Mike Borkowski's t-shirt at Manny's for $5.

If you want something even more game-specific, how bout this Orange Beat Nova II shirt available through the SU Bookstore.


You might have assumed as much but just in case, there is a call for an Orange-Out going on. Dress accordingly.

And finally, the big question isn't will Syracuse beat Villanova? It's "Where are we going to celebrate afterward?"

That would be the SU/Villanova Orange-Out After Party at Westcott Theater. It features performances from Arinze Onuaku, Midnight Madness attendee Marcus Canty and a live performance of "Blue & Orange," the Syracuse-specific version of Black & Yellow. Be there! Or...don't. Entirely up to you.

Finally, let's check out this video from Boeheimberg, featuring some of our TNIAAM brethren:

Everything looks good (and freezing). Except for one that Grape Crush in the tent? Yucky...who do I need to talk to in order to get some Hansens' Natural Soda in there?