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Syracuse Daily Links - Doug Hogue Picks Up Another Honor

Syracuse University linebacker Doug Hogue earns ECAC football honor |
Syracuse University senior linebacker Doug Hogue is one of 26 Football Bowl Subdivision players on the 2010 East Coast Athletic Conference All-Star team.

JoJo Marasco to wear famed No. 22 for Syracuse lacrosse team |
"I don’t know," he said Thursday as he looked down at the number during the team’s annual media day. "Right now I just see myself as JoJo Marasco. Hopefully one day I can be compared to some of those great guys. I’ve got a lot to prove, though."

Big East Basketball Power Rankings Week 10 - The UConn Blog
If this were the AP poll and our voters were a bunch of chuckleheads that would almost certainly mean Villanova and Syracuse would take a decent hit in the polls. Not here though where our crackerjack collection of bloggers kept all four teams on top of the polls. Pittsburgh had the first perfect week of the year, collecting all 10 first-place votes. Syracuse followed them despite the loss (a sign of well-deserved respect), while UConn edged out Villanova for the third spot thanks to their win yesterday.

Bracketology - NCAA College Basketball Brackets and Predictions - ESPN
The Big East gets eleven bids this week. Syracuse is No. 2 projected to play Long Island.

Inside High School Sports show finds new local home on ESPN radio -
"Onondaga Community College Inside High Schoo Sport Showl" returns at 9 a.m. Saturday, while "The NAPA Syracuse Legends Show with Mike Bristol" can be heard at 6 p.m. Friday. All programs are on 97.7 and 100.1 FM, 1200 and 1440 AM.

Deep in the heart of Texas, a bumper crop of lacrosse standouts
Coppell linebacker Brandon Mullins was named the Associated Press defensive player of the year for 5A. He finished with 133 tackles and had scholarship offers from Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Christian. He instead will play lacrosse as a longstick midfielder at Syracuse.

Brooklyn Eagle, Bay Ridge Eagle Brooklyn, NY :: daily paper in Brooklyn
Though Notre Dame isn’t scheduled to play Syracuse in the next two years, you can bet that Reddish and Williams will be monitoring one another’s progress from afar during their collegiate careers.

Murray Hill Is For Douchebags, Arrested Development - New York News - Runnin' Scared
Adam Greenberg, 23, knew when he moved into Windsor Court a month ago that he was already acquainted with more than 100 people in the neighborhood, many from the same high school (Wheatley on Long Island), sleepaway camp (Equinunk) and college (Syracuse University) he attended.

Carmelo Anthony: 'I would never go about it the way LeBron did it' |
"I would never go about it the way LeBron did it," the former Syracuse University star says in a new Sports Illustrated article. "If he could do it all over again, he wouldn't do it that way -- he would do it a totally different way, I can guarantee you that."

Patrons pack new sports bar on Marshall on opening weekend - The Daily Orange - News
Marshall Street's newest sports bar, DJ's on the Hill, saw a successful opening weekend, reaching its capacity of 219 patrons on Saturday night.

The Worldwide Leader in Dong Shots: Profiles: GQ
Even Will Leitch, the founding editor of Deadspin and one of Daulerio's closest friends, has gotten a little queasy. At first, Leitch talked with Daulerio constantly about the site, hashing out ideas and offering advice. But in July 2009, when Daulerio posted a link to the Erin Andrews stalker video, Leitch thought he went too far. They remain close but no longer talk about Deadspin. Leitch, now a writer for New York magazine, told me he wouldn't have published the Favre photos: "I never wanted people to feel like they needed to take a shower."

Kenny gets serious about Syracuse Basketball: