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Who Wants To Play Miami In Yankee Stadium?

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Apparently not Rutgers. An "imminent" deal between the Scarlet Knights and the Hurricanes to play in The House That Marcus Sales Built was reported back in September but seems to have now fallen through, according to Miami AD Kirby Hocutt.

Hocutt spoke with and dropped the knowledge that, while the deal is off, it doesn't mean Miami isn't coming to New York. It's simply a question of who they'll play.

"We would return or have the desire to return at a later point, of course," Hocutt said, "as well we have a strong desire to have a consistent presence in the New York City/New Jersey market. I'm hopeful we can get some finalization to the game at Yankee Stadium in 2013, and on an every four-year basis have a presence in New York City/New Jersey.

"Unfortunately the opponent hasn't been finalized. There are a couple of Big East options we're working on. What we've done is we've given a list of opponents to individuals at Yankee Stadium on who we would play. They're talking to a couple of teams I'd prefer not to mention."

Now, after the success of the Pinstripe Bowl, you can bet your ass DOC Gross wants to make it back to Yankee Stadium post haste. The Orange and Canes have a history (though it would be a bit unrealistic to call it a rivalry) and there would be something about having these former Big East opponents clash in the Big Apple. You'd have to imagine Syracuse is on that short list Hocutt mentioned.

But is the timing right for the Orange? Right now the 2013 OOC schedule already has a game against Penn State at the Meadowlands and two road games against Northwestern and Boston College. Adding another neutral site game against a team like Miami would be overkill. Especially when you throw in the fact that TCU will be on tap by then and the Orange won't have room left to schedule the requisite MAC cupcake. Besides, I'm guessing the folks at the Meadowlands baked in some kind of clause that prevents the Orange from playing another game in the area that year. If they were smart, they would have...

Based on that, I can't see the Orange going for it in 2013. It's already going to be a bear of a non-conference schedule, adding that game would make things unmanageable. And since we're all expecting Syracuse to be a juggernaut by then (or at least the Big East version of one), we don't need to handicap our potential with a schedule that borders on abusive.

Don't be surprised to see the Orange return to Yankee Stadium soon. Don't be surprised to see the Orange schedule Miami again soon. Just don't expect either to happen in 2013.

H/T: On The Banks