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Syracuse Vs. Villanova: The Long Rangers

Syracuse vs. Villanova in the Dome this year is a big deal.

That said, it's not AS big a deal as it was last year. You might remember that. It was one of the two greatest days of 2010 for Syracuse fans.

This year's match-up will be big. Both teams will likely be ranked in the top ten and the winner will have a major leg-up on the Big East race. That said, without the Gameday crew and the hype and the 34,616, it won't be quite the same.

Still, doesn't mean we can't pack the Dome and it doesn't mean you can't wear orange while doing it.

The only tickets left for the game are those in the rafters beyond the curtain. You might even say that they're "long range" seats. And as such, if you sit in them, you might even say that makes you a Long Ranger.


As you've probably guessed, that's a Mike Borkowski design, so help a brother out and pick one up. The shirt will be on sale at Manny's starting Monday the 17th.

Also, do yourself the GREATEST FAVOR OF ALL TIME and watch that Jim Boeheim video alluded to in the above image. In a career of amazing performances, this might have been the best of them all.