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The Last Time Paul Pasqualoni Coached In The Big East...

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It hasn't been that long since Coach P roamed the sidelines in the Big East Conference. And yet, a lot has changed since 2004. Such as...

Paul's last Big East game was against Boston College. The Eagles were in their final season of losing important football games in the Big East. They now lose important football games in the ACC.

Paul lost two of his final games against Temple. The Owls were still barely a Big East team that season. These days they're a contender in the MAC.

Coach P's new team, UConn, was in their first season in the conference. Syracuse beat then 42-30.

USF, Louisville and Cincinnati were still in Conference USA.

There were 12 teams in Big East Basketball. UConn was the regular season champ, Rutgers was the worst and Syracuse won the Big East Tournament.

Doug Marrone was a lowly offensive line coach for the New York Jets. Not exactly head coaching material...yet.

Greg Robinson was a fantastic, highly-regarded defensive coordinator for Texas. The sky was the limit for this plucky star.

Joe Paterno was the head coach at Penn State. So...not much changed.

Shamarko Thomas was 13 years old and could already hit harder than you.

Scott Shafer was coaching the defensive backs at Illinois and would take over as Western Michigan's DC next year.

Donovan McNabb was about to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl where they would be victorious, they would go on to win five more, the city would fete McNabb and he would retire a beloved, Philadelphia icon. The End.

The Pinstripe Bowl? What the hell is a Pinstripe Bowl?