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We Should Probably Be Reading Scoop's ESPN Blog

Because if they're all anything like the one he penned this week, they are cornucopias of delight.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Talking nationally, Seton Hall is considered maybe not that good because it's not ranked

That is definitely not the worst way to say that.

The level of talent is that good. It's the best league in the country. Point blank, period.

If that's not your new favorite way to end an argument, you might as well just stop talking right now. Point blank, period.

He calls us out a lot, says we're overrated. He wants the best for us.

Some call it verbal and mental abuse, others call it "wanting the best." Po-tay-to, Po-tat-to.

Taking a look back at Scoop's previous columns, there's more gold to mine...

It was a game that brought us together and showed that we can play with our backs up against the ropes.

I think you meant...I mean...I see what you did...forget it...