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Alright, This Syracuse-Georgetown Kerfuffle Needs A T-Shirt

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I think if anything has been made abundantly clear over the past couple weeks, it's that Georgetown is an abomination.

From their shady ticket policies to their felonious attempts to improve their academic rankings to their general lack of hygiene, Georgetown just continues to boggle the mind with its existence.

They're a menace and they need to be brought to justice. Do you think Glaude runs Hoya Suxa for his health? I mean, look at him. Does that look like a healthy individual to you? He used to look like this before he started the site.

The question is, what can we do about this ticket issue? At this point, the only option seems to be pay way-too-much money for tickets and flood the Verizon Center with our nubile, young bodies. That and form a human chain around the Verizon Center, I suppose.

Or maybe, just maybe, we can voice our disdain through the power of a T-shirt.

Everyone knows that the world's finest hours were thanks to the power of Hanes Beefy T's. Who doesn't remember George Washington's "America: F**K YEAH!" t-shirt as he crossed the Delaware River? Or Ghandi's "I Have Two Favorite Cricket Teams: India And Whoever's Playing England" classic tee that motivated a nation. Or what about the unforgettable "I Like Bush, Just Not That Kind" t-shirt Barack Obama wore en route to victory in the most recent Presidential Election?

T-shirts define us as a people. The only question is, what should our t-shirt say?

I'd got some loosely thought-out ideas but I'm banking on your expertise here. Let's come up with some winners and then we'll get them made so everyone attending the game or hanging out in DC that night can wear it. We'll also make sure proceeds from the shirt go to a good charity. It's not about gettin' paid (sadly), it's about Cuse Nation representing and helping out some good people while we root against some bad ones.

Thought-Starters (/ separates front and back)

  • Sorry, Georgetown. We Showed Up Anyway/GO ORANGE!
  • Save Your Mini-Plans For DePaul, Georgetown
  • Orange Fans Own Verizon Center/Can You Hear Us Now?
  • Hey Hoyas, Can You Hear Us Now?/Cuse Fans Own The Verizon Center
  • Try As You Might, You Can Keep Cuse Fans Out/GO ORANGE!
  • No Single-Game Tickets? No Problem/ GO ORANGE!
  • Georgetown: Terrified Of Syracuse Fans Since 1930
  • Georgetown: Spreading Blood Libel Since 1789