AMERICA COMMA F&%K YEAH! (GTown tickets)

The long way around GTown Away tickets.

Sheesh.  What a nightmare.  I truly feel for any one of you trying to get college basketball tickets at Eagles Reunion Tour prices.

There are really only two options left unless you know a GTown seaon ticket holder who doesnt want to go:

  1. Stubhub (tickets are averaging $100 a piece)
  2. $80 dollar season GTown tickets + $25 dollar donation to GTown.

I talked to the SU Athletic department and they highly doubted they would have any left after donor ticket requests.  We went with the donation option so we could pick the best available seats for the larger group we are taking down (6 guys)

I am going to have fun burning the other game tickets in protest.  Does that make sense?  No, but it will be therapeutic.

Anyone else find creative ways around this mile high mountain of bullshittery GTown has perpetrated upon us?