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Syracuse vs. St. John's: Where Are We Sitting?

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As I noted in the previous post, St. John's is none too pleased with the influx of SU fans that take over the Garden these days.

Unfortunately, they should have sent the memo out a couple weeks earlier cause it looks like we've bought up all the tickets already.

SO, if you're going to the game, and apparently you are, let the folks know where you're sitting in the comments below. If you didn't get a chance to mix and mingle at the Pinstripe Bowl, consider this your second chance.

Also, it's a great opportunity to call-out one another for crimes against Cuse. If you're not wearing orange, or even worse, just wearing your work outfit, consider yourself on notice. You will be identified, you will be photographed and you will be victimized in some fashion at a later date.*

*probably just a stinkeye from me if we ever meet. And even then, probably not, especially if you tell me you bought my book.