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The Big East Has Seen Better Final AP Rankings

Thank goodness the Big East is so undeniably great in basketball cause we can all hope that's what everyone is focused on when they glance at the final College Football AP Poll of this season.

Auburn is of course your National Champion and No. 2 TCU is of course the "other undefeated team who celebrated their season with a bowl victory and should be happy with that."

After that, you might scroll down the list looking to see where the Big East teams ended up. And then you keep scrolling...and keep scrolling...

No Big East team made the final rankings. The highest-rated team was West Virginia, who finished 32nd. Conference champ UConn finished 34th.

Making matters worse, Conference USA finished the season with two ranked teams (UCF and Tulsa) and the MAC had two teams finish with more votes than any Big East squad. This season can't end soon enough for the conference.

To be fair, the Big East had a really good bowl season. Good thing that's what everyone remembers...right???

Syracuse did not receive any votes, which is fine...except for the fact that 7-6 BYU and 1-AA Eastern Washington did. That's okay though, next year the votes will start rolling in. Then we'll see who's laughing, Eastern Washington...