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Ishaq Williams Still Deciding, No Clear-Cut Favorite Says Dad

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On Saturday, Ishaq Williams made a decision on where he was going to play college football. And then...he changed his mind.

Saturday morning, Williams said he had come to a decision, but after talking it over with his "team" – his father, Shaun Williams; mother; Anastasia Lewis; Lincoln coach Shawn O’Connor; and a few close family friends – decided the reasons he used to pick that school weren’t the right ones.

Shaun Williams added: "At this point, everyone is equal. There is something that’s appealing about each situation – the family connection with Syracuse, the high level of expertise with Penn State and the storied history of Notre Dame and the ability to get that program back to national prominence and for Ishaq to be a household name across America."

Williams' father also shot down Orange Fizz' theorem that Ishaq is waiting for the Tom Bradley situation to settle itself before deciding, though he then did mention that Penn State assistant Larry Johnson does play a vital role.

Williams plans to be in school by next Tuesday, so, better get to it.

We'll be sitting here, complaining about how much time and effort were investing into one kid while constantly checking back for updates, desperate for info.