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Syracuse Fans Are Baltimore Ravens Fans For The Next Month

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Assuming you don't have an allegiance to another team in the playoffs, that is.

With Dwight Freeney, Taj Smith and the rest of the Colts eliminated from the NFL Playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens are the lone multi-Cuse'd NFL team left alive.

Baltimore defensive lineman Arthur Jones and linebacker Jameel McClain take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in what is sure to be an emotional battle, not just for the divisional rivalry but due to the Ed Reed situation as well.

McClain had four tackles and two assists in the Ravens' win over the Chiefs. Jones didn't record any statistics in the game.

So we know you're pulling for the Ravens to beat the Steelers. Who are you rooting for in the other games?

Jets vs. Patriots: Believe it or not, you're rooting for the Pats (Offensive tackle Quinn Ojinnaka).

Packers vs. Falcons: You're a cheesehead for this one (Safety Anthony Smith).

Seahawks vs. Bears: You love anarchy cause you're all about the Hawks (Kicker Olindo Mare). Mare was 2-for-2 on Field Goals and 5-for-5 on extra points in Seattle's crazy upset over the Saints.

Since no one wants to see Seattle in the Super Bowl (as the game itself would implode), it looks like Syracuse fans are rooting for Ravens-Packers in the Big Game. Not the sexiest match-up, but certainly the Cuse-iest.

BTW, the Jets don't have any Syracuse players on their roster, though I suppose some of you are rooting for them regardless. I have to say, they've got quite the gauntlet to run here. If they do beat the Pats and then theoretically beat the Steelers the following week, they will have beaten every AFC Super Bowl team since 2004 to get there.