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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best Big Spender Item

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Hey, remember the SU Memorabilia-Off? I just did...

If the Wall Street movies have (and will) teach us anything, it's that money rules the world. And in the world of memorabilia, sometimes a financially-backed memorabilia collection is the difference between people saying "oh, that's nice" and "Sweet sassback saint james!" And so, let's take a look at the nominees for the folks who have clearly put a nice chunk of change into making sure everyone knows they are a true orange Syracuse fan.

Nominee #1 - David's Playroom/Bar

While not directly SU-related, the light-up menu is clutch. The Block S on the ground doesn't hurt either.

Nominee #2 - Doug's Wall Of Honor

Replica helmets, framed images, autographs and a Carrier Dome collectible plate...that's a solid collection.