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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best 2003 Basketball Team Item

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Hey, remember the SU Memorabilia-Off? I just did...

The Syracuse 2003 National Championship basketball team was many things. They were fighters, they were icons, they were champions and they were whores. That's right, whores. Look around the Internet sometime for 2003 National Championship memorabilia and you'll barely be able to catalog it all. So many autographs, so many photos, so many high-ticket memorabilia items...we got just a small sampling as part of the contest. Let's see which item from the whorish 2003 title team stands out the most.

Nominee #1 - SU Basketball Autographed By Entire 2003 Team Except Billy Edelin

From Gregg: Here's my Syracuse basketball autographed by ALMOST the entire 2003 National Championship team. Its been YEARS since I took this out of the box. I say almost everyone because as of today, I cant read every autograph on the ball, but I do remember not having Edelin's autograph on it when I got it back in 2003. I can confirm, Anthony, Gmac, Warrkick, Gorman, Pace, Duany, and Albright.

Nominee #2 - SU Basketball Jersey Autographed By Entire 2003 Team Except Billy Edelin

We should have known, based on Billy's autograph-writing ability...

Nominee #3 - Framed SU Basketball Jersey Autographed By Entire 2003 Team, Including Billy Edelin

From riverssyr: Jersey signed by the 2003 National Champions: Josh Pace, Kueth Duany, Gerry McNamara, Craig Forth, Jeremy McNeill, Billy Edelin, Hakim Warrick, Carmelo Anthony. Collected all of the autographs from waiting outside the Dome very eraly in the season when no one had any idea how good this team was going to be.

Nominee #4 - The 2003 SU Matryoshka Dolls, Including Billy Edelin

The attention to detail is uncanny. Cornrows for Carmelo!