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Syracuse Football News, Notes, Nuggets & Noteworthy Suggestions

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Some final items of interest to take away from the Akron game.

Ryan Nassib didn't plant a flag in the ground and claim the Syracuse starting job for the next three seasons in the Akron game...but he did enough to make people believe he's going to.  Brett LoGiurado of The Daily Orange thinks as much.

There were times he looked like he was making his first start. Like the interception, and forcing a few other passes that could have been picked off. "It was tough," Nassib said of the interception. "…That was probably my biggest mistake of the day." Yeah. And there were times he looked like a seasoned veteran. Like the two big plays to Van Chew, and the calm poise in the pocket throughout the night (especially on third down). "He did a great job," wide receiver Aaron Weaver said. "He made the key reads and made some very good throws out there. We’re 100 percent behind him." That’s a good feeling, to be sure.

Nassib took a shot late in the game and bumped his knee but according to the team there's nothing to be concerned with.  Good news for everyone, except RGLCL.

Ross "Das Boot" Krautman has some good moments (47-yard FG) and some bad moments (Missed XP) in the Akron game.  While Ryan Lichtenstein continues to rest his weary leg, Krautman keeps the starting gig.  Let's hope he gets that extra-point thing down pat.  Get it?  Down pat.  PAT.  It's comedy, people.

Chandler Jones originally got credit for the blocked field goal returned for a TD that sealed the win.  Jones said he felt something hit his arm but couldn't confirm whether or not it was the ball.  Well even if it was, he didn't make the initial deflection.  It was Doug Hogue.

At his weekly news conference this morning, Marrone said a review of the game video showed that Hogue tipped the attempt by Akron’s Igor Ivelijic. The ball bounced off of Jones before cornerback Mike Holmes scooped it up and returned it 57 yards for a touchdown.

If you don't already like Prince-Tyson Gulley, check out this nugget from Doug Marrone on his playmaker-in-the-making:

"You know, I told Prince (Tyson Gulley, a true freshman) the other day that he could be the first player to touch the ball for us this season," Marrone said. "And you know his response? ‘Good, coach. I hope I am, because then we’ll be ahead 7-0.’ You have to love a kid like that. That is the attitude of the young players."

Maybe you noticed Syracuse didn't run many trick plays on Saturday.  According to HCDM, that's because they didn't feel like they should have to.

"I don’t want to tell them we need gimmicks to beat this team," he had said beforehand. "We’re better. Let’s go out there and dominate them."

The D.O. fellas recap the SU-Akron game: