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Syracuse Lacrosse Draws Duke, Georgetown For The Classics

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Are we already at the point of announcing lacrosse game scheduling? I guess so. Inside Lacrosse and Konica Minolta made the announcements today for the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic and the Konica Minolta Big City Classic events. Syracuse will be taking part in both of them.

On March 12th, The Face-Off Classic begins in Baltimore with a Big East showdown between the Orange and Georgetown at 11 AM. It's followed by Cornell vs. Virginia at 1:30 and Johns Hopkins vs. UMBC at 4:30.

The Orange will open the season at the Face-Off Classic.. Big East rival Georgetown has been up and down in recent years but don't expect SU to take them lightly. Especially when Syracuse is trying to repair its reputation after last year's early tournament exit. The Hoyas finished last year 9-5, including a 15-12 loss to the Orange.

On April 3rd, the Big East kicks off the Big City Classic in the Meadowlands with Rutgers vs. St. John's at 1:00 PM. It's followed at 4:00 by Johns Hopkins vs. North Carolina.  This time Syracuse is the headliner along with Duke, whom they play around 6:30. 

After years of going far but always falling short, the Blue Devils are the defending National Champs. The Orange bring the two previous National Titles to the tables as well in the first regular-season match-up between these two lacrosse powers since 1992. SU and Duke met in the 2009 Final Four where the Orange crushed the Devils 17-7.