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Syracuse's Best In Show Revealed

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The Syracuse New Times has revealed the winners of the Best of Syracuse 2010 awards. Let's take a looksie.

  • Tops Friendly Markets was named Best Business Comeback. You may know Tops as our new SU Sports Advertising Overlords. Get to know them.
  • Best Wings? Patsy's Pizza. I'm going to need verification on this,anyone? I don't really remember who had the best SU-area wings.
  • Best BBQ? The Dinosaur of course...has anyone else ever won that?
  • bc Restaurant didn't win anything ,which is shocking when you realize who's working in the kitchen.
  • Best Website?  Well la-di-da.
  • Best Blog? WSTM's Matt Mulcahy. Well, guess I better cancel my celebration party at the Black Olive.  Mulcahy...I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.
  • Best Local Team? Has to be the Syracuse men's basketball team.
  • Best Place To Play The Lotto? That's Price Chopper. Just don't tweet about it.
  • And just so you understand your place in this world, Doppler The Weather Cat has more Best of Syracuse Awards than you do.