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The Growing An Orange Contest - 9/30 Entries

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Alright, this is just about it for photo submissions for the Growing An Orange contest. You have until the end of the day to submit entries.

Remember, the person who earns the most points overall gets an autographed copy of How To Grow An Orange.

The second prize, which is given to a winner chosen from the prize pool, is a free copy of Orange Tip-Off 2010-2011.

And now on to today's entry

Entrant: Cooper's Dad

Little Orange: Cooper


Coop's got on his fancy Syracuse jersey, good for three points.

There are two other SU fans in the shot, that's two points.

What's that on the TV? Why its the Syracuse-Marquette game. Two points.

Three bonus points for the matching Shut It Down shirts, as confirmed in this photo.

Grand Total: Ten Points