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Syracuse Basketball Profile Photos: An Analysis

You know the basketball season is close when the official profile photos are updates for the new season. Such is now and it's only right that we over-analyze and read too much into them. Let's get to it.

The discussion has to begin with Brandon Triche, who is sporting a moha-...well, it's actually more of a fauxha-...well, I'm not exactly what sure what's going on up there.


On one hand, I appreciate Brandon picking up the wacky-haired torch left by Paul Harris ('fro) and Andy Rautins (fauxhawk). Someone on this team has to do it and I think it shows a keen leadership trait from Triche. On the other hand, all I keep thinking about is this.

Next up is Rick Jackson, who we heard had lost some weight in the offseason. I think it shows.


Compare it to this picture and its clear Rick's lost a lot of weight in the face. Here's to seeing a leaner, meaner Rick Jackson this year.


Scoop, sporting the trademark smile. In the words of the man himself, "ooo yea that's hot."


Did Kris Joseph get Bar Mitzvah'd over the summer? Cause he who was once a boy now looks a man.


How do you spell Intensity? M-O-O-K-I-E-J-O-N-E-S.


Southerland too looks like he's shed some baby weight from last year. He looks wirey. How can I tell that from a photo? I don't know. I just feel it.


I think Rick Jackson just yelled at DaShonte Riley for wearing his jersey in the photo. CHEER UP, DASHONTE! We think you're a integral part of the team and are a valuable asset to the community. Feel better?  No?  I give up...


Alright, I'm officially on the Fab Melo bandwagon (not that I wasn't already).  But how can you hate this guy? I want to go buy him a sundae and watch him eat the whole thing and then buy him a toy. He's wonderful.


Dion Waiters is 18? Can we truly confirm this? Dude looks like he can definitely purchase alcohol legally.  Not that I'm inviting anyone to pry...


C.J. Fair is 18? Can we truly confirm this? Dude looks like he isn't allowed to be inside a Chuck E. Cheese without adult supervision.  Not that I'm inviting anyone to pry...


Baye Moussa Keita, I can't stay mad at you. Not that I ever was. But I'm just saying, with that punum...


Nicky Revasy, happy to be here.


Nolan Hart, CLEARLY not happy to be here. Stop looking at me that way, Nolan!


Griffin Hoffmann, extremely middle-of-the-road about being here.


Brandon Reese, ready for another season of finding his way into the front of all photo ops.


Russ DeRemar, who should probably give back the #34 jersey to Matt Tomaszewski.


Whew, there we go. Get yours, Matt.