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Syracuse vs. Akron Will Be Televised In Syracuse (And Seattle!)

So all day I've been seeing conflicting reports.  The Time Warner deal means TWC will show the game in Syracuse.  No wait, it's not going to be ready yet.  No wait, it totally will. 

So don't quote me 100% and blame me if I'm wrong (I've done enough damage this week) but it looks like the Syracuse-Akron game will officially be televised on Time Warner Cable in Upstate New York.

Time Warner Cable is pleased to announce that with the cooperation of ESPN, it will be offering its cable customers across Upstate New York Saturday’s coverage of Syracuse University’s football season opener at Akron LIVE on its Time Warner Cable Sports channels (Time Warner Cable Sports in Central New York (check local listings) and Albany (channel 3), and on overflow channels in both Buffalo (channel 87) and Rochester (channel 98).)

For once, the corporate fat cats sitting in their ivory towers got it right for the little people.  Of course, they haven't mentioned the $250 fee for anyone who watches the game yet...but it's coming.  Oh I'm sure it's coming...

As for the rest of the nation, the best option seems to have emerged as finding a bar that will allow you to hook up a laptop to a giant screen.  For my fellow Seattle folks, all nine of you, I found such a place.

The Official Seattle Bar for the Syracuse-Akron Game is...

Jillian's on Lake Union
731 Westlake Ave. N.
Seattle, Wa 98109
Ph: (206) 223-0300

Centrally-located at the bottom of Lake Union, I don't think we could find a more perfect spot.

I'm bringing my laptop and they're going to hook it up to the big screen.  I would feel a lot better if we had a backup laptop or two so if you come, please bring one if you can.  If you're coming, let me know.  Or just show up.  And tell your Cuse-y friends.  But not your Akron-y ones.  Well, I guess they can come...we need someone to throw sweet potato fries at.