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The Syracuse University Acceptance Video Encapsulates Your Experience

Syracuse University Acceptance Video, everyone.

If you were accepted to Syracuse University, then you know that your experience was exactly like one of those pictured in the video.

You were either:

...asleep in your room after a long day of studying (Fruit Studies?), painting, reading poetry and skimming your worn-down copy of The Odyssey when your Dad rudely walked into your room without knocking, even though you specifically told him never to do that, to leave you your mail, which he also rudely opened even though it was addressed to you. You opened the letter to find out you were accepted and immediately became excited at the prospect of living out from under your tyrannical father's iron fist.

(Also, you're a real person, Dexter McKinney!)

...hanging out in your London flat when you found out that you had been accepted. Not-so-coincidentally, that lucky orange shirt you'd been wearing for 37 days straight had finally paid off. You rushed into the kitchen where you knew you'd find your mother. That's where mom always hangs out to do her crossword. You exclaim, "What's a six-letter word for how I feel right now?  BOOYAH!" Your mom is confused, that doesn't seem to make sense, she's already got the intersecting answer for five-down and there's no O in there. Then she realizes what you mean. HUGS! were at home in your sparse bedroom with no doors in South Korea, packing your things. It was hard to say goodbye to all the memories (but certainly not the possessions). You head towards the front door and open it. It's not quite clear if you were heading into the afterlife or Syracuse University. The bright lights of Schine Student Center have that effect. boarded a plane in India. Thankfully you got a window seat, though it seems as if you're the only passenger on the flight anyway. You look out on your native land and give it a knowing nod, as people do. The view is breathtaking, but not nearly as breathtaking as the chapter on SU Clubs & Activities in your welcome packet.

That's it. Your experience of finding out you will be attending Syracuse happened exactly like one of those four.

Congrats, folks. You earned it.