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Syracuse Football's Tale Of Two Running Backs

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In a few months, Delone Carter will wrap up his solid career at Syracuse. He'll take with him all those yards, touchdowns and bicep muscles. He will leave behind the starting halfback position for whoever wants to step up and take it.

There are two natural choices that come to mind and they could not possibly be in the middle of more different seasons.

For Antwon Bailey, it's all about showing flashes, as Greggers would have said. And Bailey flashed all over the place last weekend against Colgate.

"He’s competitive," Marrone said. "He wants the ball, and when he gets it good things happen."

"People will see his snaps pick up as we go through the season," Marrone said of Bailey. "We still have a long way to go."

If Carter is the workhorse, then Bailey is the playmaker. He averages seven yards every time he touches the ball, so you can Marrone's not kidding about getting him more snaps.

And then there's Averin Collier. Collier is spending the season on the sidelines after failing to qualify academically. A lesser ballplayer might have packed it up and decided on the FCS school of his choice but Averin remains dedicated to Syracuse and to getting back out on the field.

"I'm doing it because I want to be here," says Collier, who remains on full scholarship. "Syracuse has a great education program, and my friends are here."

"I want to be part of that fraternity," he says. "Guys like Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Floyd Little, Ernie Davis and Jim Nance."

Good to hear. Unfortunately, Collier isn't allowed to be with the team in any official capacity so he's out there on his own getting his classes in order and hopefully staying in good shape. We'll find out in 2011.

Speaking of some guys who haven't seen playing time in 2010, what's going on with the redshirt statuses? Especially for someone like John Kinder. According to Marrone, he almost put Kinder in against Colgate and continues to think the freshman will see some playing time this season, so scratch that. There's a good chance that Deon Goggins could end up redshirting, but no decision has been made.

Finally, Dave Rahme checks in with QB Jonny Miller who was last scene working on some mechanical programs with his throwing motion. Sounds like he's good to go again and will be a factor long-term in QB battles.