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The Growing An Orange Contest - 9/29 Entries

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Alright, it's getting down to crunch-time for photo submissions for the Growing An Orange contest. You have until tomorrow to submit entries.

Remember, the person who earns the most points overall gets an autographed copy of How To Grow An Orange.

The second prize, which is given to a winner chosen from the prize pool, is a free copy of Orange Tip-Off 2010-2011.

And now on to today's entry

Entrant: Mama TNIAAM

Little Orange: Patch


Patch seems to be halfway through HTGAO already and his look of confused boredom is exactly how I imagined it. Ten points.

Bonus ten points because Patch is my former roommate at Syracuse. Well, not technically. You won't find him on any official University lists. I met Patch outside my apartment on South Campus one day. We hung out. He took off. I said that if I ever saw him again I'd take him in. The next day he was back and that was that. Until the day inspectors showed up, demanded to know why the apartment smelled like kitty litter and he was shipped off to live with Mama TNIAAM, where he's been ever since.

Oddly, the apartment continued to smell like kitty litter for years to come.

Grand Total: 20 Points