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The Growing An Orange Contest - 9/28 Entries

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Alright, it's getting down to crunch-time for photo submissions for the Growing An Orange contest. You have until the 30th to submit entries.

Remember, the person who earns the most points overall gets an autographed copy of How To Grow An Orange.

The second prize, which is given to a winner chosen from the prize pool, is a free copy of Orange Tip-Off 2010-2011.

And now on to today's entries...

Entrant: jnice27

Little Orange: jnice's daughter (on the left)


She's wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt, hat, necklace and has a pom-pom for four points

There's two other people in the photo wearing Cuse gear, good for two points.

There's Otto, front and center. Three points.

Bonus three points for the guy in the SU jersey. Mostly because he's wearing it with shorts.

That's the Carrier Dome behind them, good for five points.

Grand Total: 17 Points

Entrant: Pinker

Little Orange: Lil' Pinker


Orange cap and shirt good for two points.

Clearly there are a lot of folks in Cuse gear, two points for that.

We're also obviously inside the Carrier Dome, seven points.

Amazingly, Lil Pinker is blocking the view of every Syracuse football player and coach on or off the field, so no points can be awarded.

Grand Total: Eleven Points


Entrant: jimmie jones

Little Orange: Loriana


Where does one begin? Well, Loriana's got on an SU sweatshirt, SU sweatpants, orange nail polish, an orange & blue hair tie, Otto earrings, an SU tattoo (on her cheek), SU socks and a blue beaded necklace made to accompany her SU attire and she’s holding an SU pompom. That's nine points right there.

The SU mug and SU souvenir cup are good for two points as well..

She is pictured with two SU fans, who we hope are her parents. Two points.

Otto is in the picture, good for three points.

We're obviously in the Carrier Dome, which is good for seven points.

We finally have a "How to Grow an Orange" sighting, which is good for ten points.

The picture of TNIAAM on a computer screen, that kind of ingenuity is good for fifteen points.

Apparently contact was made with DOCTOR Daryl Gross for a photo op and it almost happened. I'll give a bonus five points for the effort.

Grand Total: 53 Points (just two shy of the lead)


Entrant: FredoniaCuse

Little Orange: Matthew


Matthew's got a Syracuse warm-up top and bottom for two ponts.

Mom and Dad are both Cuse-u so that's good for two points as well.

Obviously we're in the Dome, good for seven points. Bonus five points for actually being on the court.

The 2003 Banner is flying the background, that's good for three points.

Now, the player issue. In the official rules, I said that if you're photographed with a current or former player, that you'd score points for that. In the case of Floyd Little and DOC Gross, I said it couldn't be a background shot. But I didn't say that for the players. And so, I'm going to count them.  All of them.

Players include DaShonte Riley, Nick Resavy, AO, Brandon Reese, Wes, GMac (in grey shorts), Mookie, Griffin Hoffmann, Brandon Triche, Matt Lyde-Cajuste, Andy, Scoop, Kris Joseph. All-told, that's good for 280 points.

And so, we have a new clubhouse leader. Blowing away the previous lead of 55 points...

Grand Total: 292 Points

It's going to take a lot to top that. I'd get on the horn with DOC Gross' office right now to set up that photo op at mid-court ASAP.