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Provo Good To Go: Syracuse Tight End Will Practice This Week

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SU can't really afford to lose any more receiving threat (sorry, Marcus Sales). So Orange fans have been eager to hears what's up with TE Nick Provo.

Provo left the Colgate game with what appeared to be a head injury, spurring concern that it might have been a concussion. In trying to make things better, Doug Marrone kinda made them worse with a cryptic answer to Provo's condition after the game.

That said, the injury doesn't seem to be anything too serious and HCDM expects Provo to be back on the field by Thursday:

"We feel very good right now, going into the week, that he's going to be okay and ready to practice with us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- and be ready to go for South Florida," coach Doug Marrone told reporters during the weekly Big East teleconference.

Marrone also allowed SU fans to breathe easier by letting them know Derrell Smith will not miss any practice time. Still no word on Steve/Steven Rene.

The Legend of Beckett Wales waits for another day to begin.