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The Growing An Orange Contest - 9/27 Entries

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Alright, it's getting down to crunch-time for photo submissions for the Growing An Orange contest. You have until the 30th to submit entries.

Remember, the person who earns the most points overall gets an autographed copy of How To Grow An Orange.

The second prize, which is given to a winner chosen from the prize pool, is a free copy of Orange Tip-Off 2010-2011.

And now on to entries...

Entrant: kbsig106

Little Oranges: Keegan & Emma (due to contest restriction, only Keegan will earn points)


Keegan is wearing a Syracuse jersey, good for three points.

Bonus two points because it's a G-Mac jersey.

For the Cuse Kids Club Newsletter & SEC-Big East Challenge program, two points.

Because of the #5 Perry Patterson jersey also in the picture, that's a bonus three points.

He's also wearing an SU hat for one point.

That's a Syracuse game on the TV in the background, that's two points.

Otto is clearly in the photo, so that's three points.

The shoe, helmet and visor are signed by Donovin Darius, good for eight points.

The 2003 NCAA Championship throw is the next-best thing to a newspaper from the day, three points for that.

And a bonus one point for Emma, who will probably be pretty upset if we don't give her any points.

Grand Total: 28 Points

Entrant: The esteemed Matt McClusky

Little Orange: Brady


For the SU jumper and shorts combo, two points awarded.

Bonus three points for the cheer Brady is clearly doing for the Orange.

Grand Total: Five points.