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Syracuse Football & The Quest For Beef: Week 4


Another week closer to Beef. And given the state of the Big East Conference, dare I say that Beef might be selling ourselves short?

(Answer: No, no matter how good this season turns out, we're going Beefing. It's what we deserve.)

We're 3-1 for the first time since Walter Reyes wore Syracuse orange (2003). In a season that demands seven wins of us, that means we need to get four more, and at least three out of the Big East. The last time we won three games in the Big East? 2004.

Here's the good news. The Big East is an abomination! Don't believe me, look at the Big East Standings right this moment:


We're in first place! What kind of suckititde needs to be happening conference-wide for Syracuse to be in first place???

It's at this point I remind you that Big East commish stood in front of a microphone on Big East Media Day and said "the Big East conference is stronger today, in every way, than at any point in its history." Clearly, he's been proven correct.

Anyway the point is, there's absolutely no reason to think Syracuse can't win three or even four games in this conference. Maybe we haven't beaten anyone of merit yet, but hey, neither has any other team in the Big East.

Current Beef Bowl Opponent Projection (CUSA #5): UTEP. The Miners have put together a nice little season so far at 3-1. That loss came at the hands of Houston, a team that is probably going to fall off the map now that Keenum is gone.

Gordon Ramsey's Feelings On Syracuse's Chances For Beef: "Maine? Colgate? That's not f**king good enough, you understand me? This is a f**king disgrace. Get out of my f**king face and beat someone who counts, you f**king donkeys."

And so, using the new and improved Beef-O-Meter, let's take a look at Syracuse's chances to play in the Beef Bowl this season.


It's not fancy, but it gets the job done.