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Syracuse 42, Colgate 7: Notable Quotables

"I do know what happened, I’m probably not going to release it. I know what happened, I’m not going to say it, I’m just going to wait and see when I get back in there where we are. I don’t want rumors to spread."

That's Doug Marrone discussing Nick Provo's injury.  Um...if you don't want rumors to spread, that's a terrible way to do it. I'm officially beginning the rumor that Nick Provo's arms have fallen off. RUN WITH IT, INTERNETZ!

"It isn’t like when you go in at halftime you wave a magic wand, and I think people think that a lot of times."

Doug Marrone, ruining my mental image of how halftime speeches work forever.

"I think we controlled the ball a lot more than they did. Our game plan every week is to pound the ball, but our defense struggled a little bit and couldn’t really help us out."

Colgate running back Nate Eachus, who will be very popular this week with the defense in the locker room.

“I think they have good size and they are a little quicker. Their secondary is fast and their D-line, number 99 is a big boy.”

Eachus, giving the proper respect to #99 Chandler Jones.

"We just have to get better technically, more sound, making tackles, not missing tackles, finishing blocks on the offensive line. We’re looking at it more from a fundamental standpoint. Do we have the scheme to play well the rest of the year? Absolutely, But if you don’t have the technique, that’s what we’re concentrating with our players. From a technical standpoint we need to get better."

Doug Marrone, bringing back the standpoint.