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Syracuse 42, Colgate 7: Welcome Back, Delone Carter

All season long Delone Carter has been a snowball, rolling and rolling along. On Saturday, that snowball caught fire as Carter scored four TDs in Syracuse's torching of Colgate 42-7.

Sure, Colgate has no scholarship players. And sure, their enrollment is a scant 2,800. And yes, they're a FCS school.

But you know what? A win's a win's a win. Especially for the Orange.

Unlike previous games, the Orange offense was all about the running game. SU racked up 437 yards on offense and 260 of that was on the ground. DC3 led the way with 174 yards on 14 carries for a gaudy 12.3 YPC average. Prince-Tyson gained 41 and a score while Antwon Bailey grabbed 27 yards to go with his receiving touchdown.

First, we can't go too far without discussing the time of possession. Part of the reason the YPC averages were so high is because the Orange didn't quite have the ball all that much. The time of possession was 44:26 to 15:34. I mean, look at that? That's ridiculous. A halfway decent team cannot possibly lose when they've got that much of a time advantage with the ball. Thankfully, this is one situation where the talent level was just too tilted in SU's direction.

How does a team have the ball 1/3 of the time as the other one and win by 35 points? Credit an offense that moved efficiently down the field and a defense that created opportunities.

Ryan Nassib's day was rather ordinary and a little off-kilter (8 of 15, 169 yards, 1 TD), but then again, that's all that was asked of him on the day. The Orange didn't need a big game out of Ryan, only that he locate his running backs and insert the ball into their hands (That said, make sure you check over your shoulders now and again, Ryan. Never know who's coming).

The defense came up with their first and second interceptions of the season. Mike Holmes, who's probably looking at another Big East Honors week, grabbed the first one and returned it 42 yards. He also ran two punts back for 44 yards. Looks like the jitters are subsiding. Da'Mon Merkerson grabbed the other interception.

The defense never broke, but they bent all day long. Colgate only put seven points on the board but they made the SU defense work. The Raiders gained 230 yards on the ground with Nick Eachus garnered 157 on them. Those number are almost identical to the numbers the Monmouth defense gave up in Colgate's last game. That seems...wrong.

Derrell Smith's possible injury should have all Syracuse fans reasonably spooked. The heart and soul of the defense left the game with some kind of knee injury but returned. Fingers crossed its nothing major. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the same can be said for Nick Provo's injury. When asked in the press conference, Marrone played coy about the details.  Not a good sign. Steve Rene also injured his shoulder in the game

Akron, Maine and Colgate. Three wins over three very unimpressive opponents. One on hand, we're 3-1 for the first time since 2003 with an extremely weak Big East schedule ahead of us. On the other hand, it would be fair to say Syracuse has yet to truly prove itself against a credible opponent.

Fans of Pitt and Cincinnati will point to our schedule to explain why we're in the position we are versus them. Let them. The truth is, Syracuse fans don't need to explain themselves to anyone. We've scheduled about as tough as anyone in this conference for the last ten years. We gave ourselves one year to sort ourselves out. We also happened to pick the best year possible to do it, all things considered in the conference.

We're 3-1. Let's enjoy that.

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